The Kook Charm

From its name to the last of its indoor details nothing leaves you indifferent: that is the Kook Charm.

Let’s start with the location, Tarifa, a place full of magic and energy brought by easterly and westerly winds, the eternal sun, the Strait of Gibraltar where the Atlantic and Mediterranean converge and their waters mix, and the proximity to Morocco, the neighbouring country where one’s senses are heightened.

Kook is a small hotel very well located in the old part of Tarifa, hidden on one of the town’s white, narrow inner streets near the historic wall, making it an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

As soon as you open the door you know that you are in a special place. The light of its patio gives you a friendly welcome and its spectacular vertical garden leaves you literally speechless, gazing up to the infinite blue sky that bathes the upper roof terrace, where the views take your breath away: you have never imagined Morocco to be so close – from the terrace you can almost touch it with your fingertips.

The hotel’s common areas, conceived to make you feel at home, are a perfect combination of design and comfort. Comfortable open areas, eclectic with a special decoration, peculiar, atypical and full of details that you’ll love. Your moments of rest, relax and disconnection in the lounge and the patio become moments of pure pleasure.

Each room is a world. With a personality and charm of its own that awakens the senses, views of the sea or the vertical garden, aromatherapy with a personalised scent in each one, natural textiles, terraces with wooden floors, strong neutral colours and quality elements to take care of you and spoil you: all you need to make your stay a unique experience.

And last but not least, the most important factor: the personalised, honest, close, warm and professional treatment offered by our staff, the soul and spirit of Kook.